5 tipsGood bids require a lot of time, effort and attention to detail from even the most skilled professionals. From accurately reading the project plans and specifications to estimating the proper cost of materials and labor, these small details can be what stands in your way between submitting a winning bid and a lost project. After 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we thought we’d share with you a few tips on how to submit a good bid.

1) Quote should reference the drawing numbers and dates that were used to generate the proposal
If you can make the job easier for the person collecting the bids, then we suggest doing so. An easy way to do this is by staying organized and referencing the drawing numbers and dates used to create the proposal.

2) Clearly state if price includes sales tax or not
a) Especially in terms of material costs
When it comes to submitting your bid, there should be no confusion as to what is being accounted for. This means clearly stating whether sales taxes is included in your materials cost. If this is not clear the reader could misinterpret this lack of information as a sneaky tactic to make your bid price appear lower than it actually is.

3) Clearly state if installation includes labor costs
a) If yes → state whether union or open shop

Similarly, all prices including labor costs should be included or be specified as not included in your proposal. In terms of labor costs, it is also relevant to state whether union or open shop wages will be used to complete the job.

4) Any exclusions or important details should be bolded
To eliminate any confusion, we recommend bolding any exclusions or important details. This will not only help the bid recipient stay organized but also make your bid stand out as thorough.

5) Provide a phone number (preferably cell phone) and name of person who generated the quote
Last but certainly important, please make sure to provide the contact information of the individual who generated the bid.

Preparing a construction bid proposal is no easy task. Remember to follow the bid due dates and requirements along with these simple tips to win your next bid proposal.