Patriot ConstructionActive construction areas are no easy place to work, they require the utmost attention to safety and procedure from all workers on-site to create a safe and productive workspace. As a company that prides itself on a commitment to safety, Patriot is so confident in the effectiveness of our safety-first culture that we assume the initial risk through our self-insurance policy. Read on to explore a few tips we’ve gathered on how to improve safety procedures on the job site.

1. Get Leadership Involved
Like all successful initiatives, it must come from the top starting with the support by company leadership. Leaders should affirm their company’s commitment to safety by establishing goals and safety-first policies on the job site. After identifying these goals and procedures, leaders should identify and appoint individuals who are responsible for maintaining these programs. A good leadership team should support this goal by ensuring that the organization has all the necessary resources to support a no-nonsense safety program.

2. Employee Safety Ambassador Program
All Patriot Construction employees are considered Safety Ambassadors with the responsibility and authority to report an unsafe condition to the Project Supervisor or stop any act that they believe would potentially result in an accident. Patriot found that including employee participation in our safety program allows us to gain valuable insights into the on-site safety procedure process. Additionally, this allows employees to hold themselves as well as other subcontractors on the job site more accountable for identifying potential safety hazards.

3. Identify Potential Hazards
Coinciding with leadership identified safety goals are potential safety hazards. Through weekly toolbox talks led by our Project Management team, leadership will provide comprehensive plans to identify and mitigate potential hazards on the job site such as faulty construction equipment, electrical hazards, and/or hearing damage by loud noise.

4. Hold Annual OSHA Training Workshops
To ensure that all employees are up to date with the latest safety knowledge, Patriot’s Assistant Project Manager, Justin Miner, is also our appointed Safety Officer. In this role, he organizes an annual OSHA training workshop for our field employees. All employees hold OSHA 10 or 30-hour certification, whilst some individuals hold other specialized safety certifications. In response to the current pandemic, all employees hold a COVID-19 Awareness Certificate. It is important to stay up to date with the latest safety information as it is likely to change.

5. Program Evaluation and Feedback
In order to constantly evaluate and improve our safety policies and practices, we implement a yearly company-wide anonymous feedback survey. Per the results of the survey, improvements are routinely made to company policies when needed.

If there’s one thing that most General Contractors can agree upon, it’s that safety is a top priority on the job site. Using these tips as well as our team’s experience we are proud to have gone 2,114 days (5.7 years) without a workers’ compensation injury claim. Additionally, with an experience modification rating (EMR) of 0.700, which is 30% lower than the industry average, Patriot Construction strives to deliver each project safely, promptly, and on budget.