Patriot is proud to announce that Jim Papagno has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. Throughout his time with the company, Mr. Papagno has been a vital asset to our clients. As the company has grown, so have Mr. Papagno’s responsibilities and contributions. In this new role, Mr. Pagano will continue to lead the project management team to success and deliver high-quality results to our valued clients.

“It is thanks to his dedication to clients and commitment to the success of Patriot that we are excited to offer him this new role.” Said Greg Kunkle, CEO & President of Patriot Construction.

Mr. Papagno’s embodiment of Patriot’s mission, vision, and core values are demonstrated through his attention to detail and commitment to the growth of Patriot Construction.

“I look forward to taking on this new challenge and helping Patriot expand its footprint in the region,” said Mr. Papagno. “I believe this new role will be beneficial to the Patriot team as well as all of its clients. I look forward to advancing this position and finishing my career at Patriot Construction.”