To celebrate Patriot’s 20 years in business, our team got together for a night out at Topgolf. We laughed, we cheered, and a few of the more athletically gifted of us even won a few prizes.

As we reflect back on two decades of hard work and quality craftsmanship, we asked our team what makes them proud to work at Patriot Construction. Here’s what they had to say:

Justin Miner, Project Manager – I’m proud to work at Patriot because I feel and get treated more than “just an employee.”

Nico SharkoskiEstimator – Patriot has high regard for fostering relationships. It could be a subcontractor, architect, employee, or previous/potential client, but I am proud to work for Patriot because of their genuine interest to restore, maintain, and cultivate relationships which is a testament to their values.

Dave Drisch, Superintendent –  I enjoy working for Patriot because ownership understands the employees are humans and not just tools that do the work. They understand that we have family and lives to try and enjoy.

Osman MejiaDrywall Taper – There are many reasons I’m proud to say I work for Patriot. The biggest reason why I am so proud is that they have expanded my work skills beyond what I knew before. Thank you #PatriotProud.

Ken Preston, Laborer – I am #PatriotProud because of the high level of work they get which is a testament to the level of quality and professionalism they have been providing for 20 years. A special thank you to Greg and Jim for giving me the opportunity to join the team, Dave for the introduction and guidance, and to the rest of the staff and workforce for laying the groundwork and building the company and its reputation for top quality and integrity.

Mackenzie Kunkle, Business Development and Marketing Manager – I’m proud to work at Patriot Construction because management truly cares about its employees and listens and implements feedback.

Elaine Mealy, Controller – I am proud to work at Patriot because I feel everyone’s input really matters. I have enjoyed the close working relationships of everyone on the team!  It truly is a family atmosphere!

Albert Campbell, Laborer – I am proud to work for Patriot because they give me a work and life balance, foster close work relationships, and have leadership that cares.

Colleen Murphy, VP & Office Manager –  I am proud to work at Patriot because it’s a great working environment. The people we work with are some of the best.

Jessica Walker, Bookkeeper – I’m #PatriotProud to work here because of the close-knit environment. We are all treated like family and trusted to work independently and get the job done.