These days it feels like a lot of things are beyond our control. From COVID-19 cancelling our holiday plans to redesigning our wardrobes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, the one thing that we can control are good safety practices. Although we can’t change what risks lay ahead, we can choose to prepare and deal with problems effectively in order to move forward.

In construction, we demonstrate this through our EMR. Also known as an emergency modification rating, an EMR is used to determine the past cost of injuries and what the future risks will be. A company’s EMR is calculated by their actual insurance and workers’ insurance compensation claims. Industry-wide, the average EMR is 1.0. An EMR below the industry standard would be considered safer than most. Through our commitment to good safety practices such as proper training and equipment, Patriot Construction is proud to say that our EMR is 0.7.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to this success is our consistent and open conversations about safety with our team. On every jobsite, we conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings for all onsite personnel. Mr. Justin Miner is Patriot’s Safety Officer, and he makes regular visits to our job sites to ensure safety protocols are being properly followed. As an extra safety measure, fundamentally, all Patriot Construction employees are considered Safety Ambassadors with the responsibility and authority to report an unsafe condition to the Project Supervisor or stop any act that they believe would potentially result in an accident.

Additionally, each Patriot employee holds an OSHA 10 or 30-hour certification, whilst some individuals hold other specialized safety certifications. In response to the current pandemic, all employees hold a COVID-19 Awareness Certificate.

During times of uncertainty such as 2020, it’s through good safety practices and consistent communication that we believe will help build success in 2021.